Authored by Jim Harris

The nature of communication

Communication is a part of all our daily lives from having a conversation with friends, ordering food from a restaurant, or even praying. However not all communication is verbal, it can be written such as a text or email or it can be the way we express ourselves with our body language. The way we communicate can be affected by multiple factors such as whom we are speaking to, the location we are in, and how we are communicating such as by written communication or face to face communication. Face to face communication is the best method to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. This is because without face to face communication you are losing the nonverbal cues in a conversation such as body language, posture, eye contact, and the use of different facials. Types of communication such as emails, texts, and phone calls are very beneficial for those who do not live in a close proximity but still want to be able to conversations.

Bright side and dark side responses

Although communication has been around for centuries some questions about ethical communicators still come to play. Children have always learned from a young age lying is a thing you should never do. However, what do you do if someone asks if you like their shirt when you actually do not? Do you lie about it and say you like it to spare their feelings or do the ethical thing and tell the truth? Communication and ethics can sometimes clash with each other and leave many people confused on what to do. Scholars Spitzberg and Cupach came up with the different terms, “bright side response”, “easy dark side response”, “hard dark side response”, and “evil dark side response”. Each of the different terms represent the appropriate, ethical responses or the inappropriate, unethical responses. The “bright side response” is both ethical and appropriate while the “evil dark side” response is neither. The “easy dark side” response unethical but appropriate such as lying to spare a friend's feelings. The last one, “hard dark side” response which is ethical but could hurt the friend's feelings.
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