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package main
import (
func main() {
fmt.Print("Enter text to write as keyboard input: ")
reader := bufio.NewReader(os.Stdin)
text, _ := reader.ReadString('\n')
text = strings.Trim(text, "\n")
fmt.Println("Select text input field to write. Wait 5 sec to start writting...")
time.Sleep(5 * time.Second)
Package for Golang. Used to convert string to keyboard input.
Working on Windows.
Example of usage in example folder.
package string2keyboard
import ""
type keySet struct {
code int
shift bool
var (
names = map[string]keySet{
"a": keySet{keybd_event.VK_A, false},
"b": keySet{keybd_event.VK_B, false},
"c": keySet{keybd_event.VK_C, false},
"d": keySet{keybd_event.VK_D, false},
"e": keySet{keybd_event.VK_E, false},
"f": keySet{keybd_event.VK_F, false},
"g": keySet{keybd_event.VK_G, false},
"h": keySet{keybd_event.VK_H, false},
"i": keySet{keybd_event.VK_I, false},
"j": keySet{keybd_event.VK_J, false},
"k": keySet{keybd_event.VK_K, false},
"l": keySet{keybd_event.VK_L, false},
"m": keySet{keybd_event.VK_M, false},
"n": keySet{keybd_event.VK_N, false},
"o": keySet{keybd_event.VK_O, false},
"p": keySet{keybd_event.VK_P, false},
"q": keySet{keybd_event.VK_Q, false},
"r": keySet{keybd_event.VK_R, false},
"s": keySet{keybd_event.VK_S, false},
"t": keySet{keybd_event.VK_T, false},
"u": keySet{keybd_event.VK_U, false},
"v": keySet{keybd_event.VK_V, false},
"w": keySet{keybd_event.VK_W, false},
"x": keySet{keybd_event.VK_X, false},
"y": keySet{keybd_event.VK_Y, false},
"z": keySet{keybd_event.VK_Z, false},
"A": keySet{keybd_event.VK_A, true},
"B": keySet{keybd_event.VK_B, true},
"C": keySet{keybd_event.VK_C, true},
"D": keySet{keybd_event.VK_D, true},
"E": keySet{keybd_event.VK_E, true},
"F": keySet{keybd_event.VK_F, true},
"G": keySet{keybd_event.VK_G, true},
"H": keySet{keybd_event.VK_H, true},
"I": keySet{keybd_event.VK_I, true},
"J": keySet{keybd_event.VK_J, true},
"K": keySet{keybd_event.VK_K, true},
"L": keySet{keybd_event.VK_L, true},
"M": keySet{keybd_event.VK_M, true},
"N": keySet{keybd_event.VK_N, true},
"O": keySet{keybd_event.VK_O, true},
"P": keySet{keybd_event.VK_P, true},
"Q": keySet{keybd_event.VK_Q, true},
"R": keySet{keybd_event.VK_R, true},
"S": keySet{keybd_event.VK_S, true},
"T": keySet{keybd_event.VK_T, true},
"U": keySet{keybd_event.VK_U, true},
"V": keySet{keybd_event.VK_V, true},
"W": keySet{keybd_event.VK_W, true},
"X": keySet{keybd_event.VK_X, true},
"Y": keySet{keybd_event.VK_Y, true},
"Z": keySet{keybd_event.VK_Z, true},
"0": keySet{keybd_event.VK_0, false},
"1": keySet{keybd_event.VK_1, false},
"2": keySet{keybd_event.VK_2, false},
"3": keySet{keybd_event.VK_3, false},
"4": keySet{keybd_event.VK_4, false},
"5": keySet{keybd_event.VK_5, false},
"6": keySet{keybd_event.VK_6, false},
"7": keySet{keybd_event.VK_7, false},
"8": keySet{keybd_event.VK_8, false},
"9": keySet{keybd_event.VK_9, false},
" ": keySet{keybd_event.VK_SPACE, false},
")": keySet{keybd_event.VK_0, true},
"!": keySet{keybd_event.VK_1, true},
"@": keySet{keybd_event.VK_2, true},
"#": keySet{keybd_event.VK_3, true},
"$": keySet{keybd_event.VK_4, true},
"%": keySet{keybd_event.VK_5, true},
"^": keySet{keybd_event.VK_6, true},
"&": keySet{keybd_event.VK_7, true},
"*": keySet{keybd_event.VK_8, true},
"(": keySet{keybd_event.VK_9, true},
"-": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_MINUS, false},
"=": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_PLUS, false},
"[": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_4, false},
"]": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_6, false},
"\\": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_5, false},
";": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_1, false},
"'": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_7, false},
",": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_COMMA, false},
".": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_PERIOD, false},
"/": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_2, false},
"`": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_3, false},
"_": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_MINUS, true},
"+": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_PLUS, true},
"{": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_4, true},
"}": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_6, true},
"|": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_5, true},
":": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_1, true},
"\"": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_7, true},
"<": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_COMMA, true},
">": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_PERIOD, true},
"?": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_2, true},
"~": keySet{keybd_event.VK_OEM_3, true},
// Convert string to keyboard input in Windows
func KeyboardWrite(textInput string) error {
kb, err := keybd_event.NewKeyBonding()
if err != nil {
return err
for _, c := range textInput {
err = kb.Launching()
if err != nil {
return err
return nil
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