Commit 6481cf00 authored by Simon Magnin-Feysot's avatar Simon Magnin-Feysot

New tool to see cotisations

parent eac24ef3
......@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ $sublist->add("<a href=\"".$topdir."entreprise.php\">Carnet d'adresses</a>");
$sublist->add("<a href=\"".$topdir."compta/\">Comptabilité</a>");
$sublist->add("<a href=\"".$topdir."comptoir/admin.php\">Comptoirs AE</a>");
$sublist->add("<a href=\"".$topdir."compta/eticket.php\">Gestion E-tickets</a>");
$sublist->add("<a href=\"".$topdir."compta/cotisations.php\">Cotisations</a>");
$sublist = new itemlist ("Opérations diverses", "boxlist");
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