Commit 53ffcce2 authored by Skia's avatar Skia
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Update asso tools

parent bbb9d625
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ if ( isset($_REQUEST["id_asso"]) )
$lst->add("<a href=\"membres.php?id_asso=".$asso->id."\">Consulter</a>");
$lst->add("<a href=\"mailing.php?id_asso=".$asso->id."#sendmembers\"><b>Envoyer un email à tous les membres</b></a>");
if ( $asso->is_mailing_allowed() )
$lst->add("<a href=\"mailing.php?id_asso=".$asso->id."\">Mailing listes, inscription/desinscription manuelle.</a>");
$lst->add("<a href=\"manage.php?id_asso=".$asso->id."\">Mailing listes, inscription/desinscription manuelle.</a>");
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