Commit 65c3483c authored by Robin Trioux's avatar Robin Trioux
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core:login allow the user to create an account when not logged

parent 660a3161
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
<p>{% trans %}Your account doesn't have access to this page. To proceed,
please login with an account that has access.{% endtrans %}</p>
{% else %}
<p>{% trans %}Please login to see this page.{% endtrans %}</p>
<p>{% trans %}Please login or create an account to see this page.{% endtrans %}</p>
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
......@@ -30,5 +30,6 @@
{# Assumes you setup the password_reset view in your URLconf #}
<p><a href="{{ url('core:password_reset') }}">{% trans %}Lost password?{% endtrans %}</a></p>
<p><a href="{{ url('core:register') }}">{% trans %}Create account{% endtrans %}</a></p>
{% endblock %}
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