Commit 49b77480 authored by Skia's avatar Skia
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sas: clean up old notif trigger

Signed-off-by: Skia's avatarSkia <>
parent 144a5657
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......@@ -49,13 +49,11 @@ class SASForm(forms.Form):
def process(self, parent, owner, files, automodere=False):
notif = False
if self.cleaned_data['album_name'] != "":
album = Album(parent=parent, name=self.cleaned_data['album_name'], owner=owner, is_moderated=automodere)
notif = not automodere
except Exception as e:
self.add_error(None, _("Error creating album %(album)s: %(msg)s") %
{'album': self.cleaned_data['album_name'], 'msg': repr(e)})
......@@ -68,13 +66,8 @@ class SASForm(forms.Form):
notif = not automodere
except Exception as e:
self.add_error(None, _("Error uploading file %(file_name)s: %(msg)s") % {'file_name': f, 'msg': repr(e)})
if notif:
for u in RealGroup.objects.filter(id=settings.SITH_GROUP_SAS_ADMIN_ID).first().users.all():
if not u.notifications.filter(type="SAS_MODERATION", viewed=False).exists():
Notification(user=u, url=reverse("sas:moderation"), type="SAS_MODERATION").save()
class RelationForm(forms.ModelForm):
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