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pedagogy: simpler generation for department radio buttons

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......@@ -21,8 +21,7 @@
<button class="button-search">{% trans %}Search{% endtrans %}</button>
<div class="radio-guide">
{% for department in [("EDIM", "EDIM"), ("ENERGIE", "EE"), ("IMSI", "IMSI"), ("INFO", "GI"), ("GMC", "MC"), ("HUMA", "HUMA"), ("TC", "TC")] %}
{% set display_name, real_name = department %}
{% for (display_name, real_name) in [("EDIM", "EDIM"), ("ENERGIE", "EE"), ("IMSI", "IMSI"), ("INFO", "GI"), ("GMC", "MC"), ("HUMA", "HUMA"), ("TC", "TC")] %}
<input type="radio" name="department" id="radio{{ real_name }}" value="{{ real_name }}"><label for="radio{{ real_name }}">{% trans %}{{ display_name }}{% endtrans %}</label>
{% endfor %}
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