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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
from core.models import Group, User, Page, PageRev, SithFile
from accounting.models import GeneralJournal, BankAccount, ClubAccount, Operation, AccountingType, Company
from accounting.models import GeneralJournal, BankAccount, ClubAccount, Operation, AccountingType, SimplifiedAccountingType, Company
from club.models import Club, Membership
from subscription.models import Subscription
from counter.models import Customer, ProductType, Product, Counter
......@@ -301,16 +301,33 @@ Cette page vise à documenter la syntaxe *Markdown* utilisée sur le site.
debit2 = AccountingType(code='604', label="Achats d'études et prestations de services(*2)", movement_type='DEBIT')
Operation(journal=gj,, amount=300, remark="Paiement Guy", mode="CASH", done=True, accounting_type=debit2, target_type="USER",
buying = AccountingType(code='60', label="Achats (sauf 603)", movement_type='DEBIT')
Operation(journal=gj,, amount=32.3, remark="Essence", mode="CASH", done=True, accounting_type=buying, target_type="USER",
Operation(journal=gj,, amount=46.42, remark="marqueurs + rouleaux", mode="CASH", done=True, accounting_type=debit, target_type="USER",
Operation(journal=gj,, amount=666.42,
remark="Subvention territoire de FarfarAway", mode="CASH", done=True, accounting_type=credit, target_type="USER",
Operation(journal=gj,, amount=42,
remark="La Gargotte du Korrigan", mode="CASH", done=False, accounting_type=debit, target_type="CLUB",
comptes = AccountingType(code='6', label="Comptes de charge", movement_type='DEBIT')
simple = SimplifiedAccountingType(label = 'Je fais du simple 6', accounting_type = comptes, movement_type='DEBIT')
woenzco = Company(name="Woenzel & co")
operation_list = [
(27, "J'avais trop de bière", 'CASH', None, buying, 'USER',, "", None),
(4000, "Ceci n'est pas une opération... en fait si mais non", 'CHECK', None, debit,'COMPANY',, "", 23),
(22, "C'est de l'argent ?", 'CARD', None, credit, 'CLUB',, "", None),
(37, "Je paye CASH", 'CASH', None, debit2, 'OTHER', None, "tous les étudiants <3", None),
(300, "Paiement Guy", 'CASH', None, buying, 'USER',, "", None),
(32.3, "Essence", 'CASH', None, buying, 'OTHER', None, "station", None),
(46.42, "Allumette", 'CHECK', None, credit, 'CLUB',, "", 57),
(666.42, "Subvention de far far away", 'CASH', None, comptes, 'CLUB',, "", None),
(496, "Ça, c'est un 6", 'CARD', simple, None, 'USER',, "", None),
(17, "La Gargotte du Korrigan", 'CASH', None, debit2, 'CLUB',, "", None),
for op in operation_list:
operation = Operation(journal=gj,, amount=op[0],
remark=op[1], mode=op[2], done=True, simpleaccounting_type=op[3],
accounting_type=op[4], target_type=op[5], target_id=op[6],
target_label=op[7], cheque_number=op[8])
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