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Fix tests and CI

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test: test:
script: script:
- pip install -r requirements.txt - pip install -r requirements.txt
- python compilemessages
- python test - python test
...@@ -54,5 +54,5 @@ class ClubTest(TestCase): ...@@ -54,5 +54,5 @@ class ClubTest(TestCase):
self.client.login(username='rbatsbak', password='plop') self.client.login(username='rbatsbak', password='plop')
response ="club:club_members", kwargs={"club_id"}), {"user":, "role": 10}) response ="club:club_members", kwargs={"club_id"}), {"user":, "role": 10})
self.assertTrue(response.status_code == 200) self.assertTrue(response.status_code == 200)
self.assertTrue("<li>You do not have the permission to do that</li>" in str(response.content)) self.assertTrue("<li>Vous n&#39;avez pas la permission de faire cela</li>" in str(response.content))
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