Commit c748bb84 authored by Skia's avatar Skia 🤘
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Fix slow selling page in clubs

parent b63923d9
......@@ -175,10 +175,11 @@ class ClubSellingView(ClubTabsMixin, CanEditMixin, DetailView):
def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
kwargs = super(ClubSellingView, self).get_context_data(**kwargs)
form = self.get_form_class()(self.request.GET, initial={'begin_date':})
# form = self.get_form_class()(initial={'begin_date':})
form = self.get_form_class()(self.request.GET)
qs = Selling.objects.filter(club=self.object)
if form.is_valid():
if not len([v for v in form.cleaned_data.values() if v is not None]):
qs = Selling.objects.filter(id=-1)
if form.cleaned_data['begin_date']:
qs = qs.filter(date__gte=form.cleaned_data['begin_date'])
if form.cleaned_data['end_date']:
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