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Merge branch 'bugfix' into 'master'

counter: fix SellingFormBase import

See merge request ae/Sith!205
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......@@ -691,3 +691,23 @@ class MailingFormTest(TestCase):
self.assertNotContains(response, "")
self.assertNotContains(response, "")
self.assertNotContains(response, "")
class ClubSellingViewTest(TestCase):
Perform basics tests to ensure that the page is available
def setUp(self):
call_command("populate") = Club.objects.filter(unix_name="ae").first()
def test_page_not_internal_error(self):
Test that the page does not return and internal error
self.client.login(username="skia", password="plop")
response = self.client.get(
reverse("club:club_sellings", kwargs={"club_id":})
self.assertFalse(response.status_code == 500)
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ from com.views import (
from club.models import Club, Membership, Mailing, MailingSubscription
from club.forms import MailingForm, ClubEditForm, ClubMemberForm
from club.forms import MailingForm, ClubEditForm, ClubMemberForm, SellingsFormBase
class ClubTabsMixin(TabedViewMixin):
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