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Merge branch 'counter' into 'master'

Fix operation form

See merge request !82
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......@@ -305,8 +305,8 @@ class OperationForm(forms.ModelForm):
def clean(self):
self.cleaned_data = super(OperationForm, self).clean()
if 'target_type' in self.cleaned_data.keys():
if self.cleaned_data.get("user") is None or self.cleaned_data.get("club") or self.cleaned_data.get("club_account") is None or self.cleaned_data.get("company") is None or self.cleaned_data.get("other"):
self.add_error('target_id', ValidationError(_("The target must be set.")))
if self.cleaned_data.get("user") is None and self.cleaned_data.get("club") is None and self.cleaned_data.get("club_account") is None and self.cleaned_data.get("company") is None and self.cleaned_data.get("target_label") is None:
self.add_error('target_type', ValidationError(_("The target must be set.")))
if self.cleaned_data['target_type'] == "USER":
self.cleaned_data['target_id'] = self.cleaned_data['user'].id
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