Commit 67377b3c authored by Alexandre | L'Sacienne's avatar Alexandre | L'Sacienne
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Merge branch 'lsacienne/change_weekmail_banner_P22_08_06_2022' into 'master'

Change the invitation banner in weekmail to regular weekmail banner

We now have the weekmail banner and not the invitation banner

See merge request !312
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......@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ class Weekmail(models.Model):
Return an absolute link to the banner.
return (
"http://" + settings.SITH_URL + static("com/img/invitation_bannerP22.png")
"http://" + settings.SITH_URL + static("com/img/weekmail_bannerV2P22.png")
def get_footer(self):
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