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Add a missing template

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{% extends "core/base.html" %}
{% block content %}
<h2>Password reset sent</h2>
We've emailed you instructions for setting your password, if an account exists with the email you entered. You should
receive them shortly.
If you don't receive an email, please make sure you've entered the address you registered with, and check your spam
{% endblock %}
...@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ class PagePropView(UpdateView): ...@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ class PagePropView(UpdateView):
def get_object(self): def get_object(self):
page_name = self.kwargs['page_name'] page_name = self.kwargs['page_name']
p = Page.get_page_by_full_name(page_name) p = Page.get_page_by_full_name(page_name)
# Create the page if it does not exists
if p == None: if p == None:
parent_name = '/'.join(page_name.split('/')[:-1]) parent_name = '/'.join(page_name.split('/')[:-1])
name = page_name.split('/')[-1] name = page_name.split('/')[-1]
...@@ -36,27 +36,37 @@ def password_change_done(request): ...@@ -36,27 +36,37 @@ def password_change_done(request):
return views.password_change_done(request, template_name="core/password_change_done.html") return views.password_change_done(request, template_name="core/password_change_done.html")
def password_reset(request): def password_reset(request):
Allows someone to enter an email adresse for resetting password
return views.password_reset(request, return views.password_reset(request,
template_name="core/password_reset.html", template_name="core/password_reset.html",
email_template_name="core/password_reset_email.html", email_template_name="core/password_reset_email.html",
post_reset_redirect="core:password_reset", post_reset_redirect="core:password_reset_done",
) )
def password_reset_done(request): def password_reset_done(request):
return views.password_reset_done(request) """
pass Confirm that the reset email has been sent
return views.password_reset_done(request, template_name="core/password_reset_done.html")
def password_reset_confirm(request, uidb64=None, token=None): def password_reset_confirm(request, uidb64=None, token=None):
Provide a reset password formular
return views.password_reset_confirm(request, uidb64=uidb64, token=token, return views.password_reset_confirm(request, uidb64=uidb64, token=token,
post_reset_redirect="core:password_reset_complete", post_reset_redirect="core:password_reset_complete",
template_name="core/password_reset_confirm.html", template_name="core/password_reset_confirm.html",
) )
def password_reset_complete(request): def password_reset_complete(request):
Confirm the password has sucessfully been reset
return views.password_reset_complete(request, return views.password_reset_complete(request,
template_name="core/password_reset_complete.html", template_name="core/password_reset_complete.html",
) )
def register(request): def register(request):
context = {'title': 'Register a user'} context = {'title': 'Register a user'}
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