Commit 2095dd62 authored by Jean-Baptiste Lenglet's avatar Jean-Baptiste Lenglet Committed by Sli
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Reworked election list view with datetime ranges and a description.

parent e6b37ef3
......@@ -10,18 +10,34 @@
small {
font-size: smaller;
time {
font-weight: bolder;
{%- endblock %}
{% block content %}
<h3>{% trans %}Current elections{% endtrans %}</h3>
{%- for election in object_list %}
<a href="{{ url('election:detail', }}">{{ election }}</a>
{% trans %}Applications open from{% endtrans %}
<time datetime="{{ election.start_candidature }}">{{ election.start_candidature|date("l d F Y") }}</time> at <time>{{ election.start_candidature|time("G:i") }}</time>
{% trans %}to{% endtrans %}
<time datetime="{{ election.end_candidature }}">{{ election.end_candidature|date("l d F Y") }}</time> at <time>{{ election.end_candidature|time("G:i") }}</time>
<a href="{{ url('election:detail', }}">{{election}}</a>
<small>{% trans %}From{% endtrans %} {{ election.start_date|date("l d F Y") }} {% trans %}to{% endtrans %} {{ election.end_date|date("l d F Y") }}</small>
{% trans %}Polls open from{% endtrans %}
<time datetime="{{ election.start_date }}">{{ election.start_date|date("l d F Y") }}</time> at <time>{{ election.start_date|time("G:i") }}</time>
{% trans %}to{% endtrans %}
<time datetime="{{ election.end_date }}">{{ election.end_date|date("l d F Y") }}</time> at <time>{{ election.end_date|time("G:i") }}</time>
<p>{{ election.description }}</p>
{%- endfor %}
{%- endblock %}
\ No newline at end of file
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