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Fix cache clearing

Signed-off-by: Skia's avatarSkia <>
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......@@ -24,34 +24,28 @@
from django.apps import AppConfig
from django.dispatch import receiver
from django.db.models.signals import pre_save, post_save, m2m_changed
from django.core.signals import request_started
class SithConfig(AppConfig):
name = 'core'
verbose_name = "Core app of the Sith"
def ready(self):
from core.models import User, Group
from club.models import Club, Membership
from core.models import User
from club.models import Club
from forum.models import Forum
def clear_cached_groups(sender, **kwargs):
if kwargs['model'] == Group:
User._group_ids = {}
User._group_name = {}
def clear_cached_groups(**kwargs):
User._group_ids = {}
User._group_name = {}
def clear_cached_memberships(sender, **kwargs):
def clear_cached_memberships(**kwargs):
User._club_memberships = {}
Club._memberships = {}
Forum._club_memberships = {}
print("Connecting signals!")
m2m_changed.connect(clear_cached_groups, weak=False, dispatch_uid="clear_cached_groups")
post_save.connect(clear_cached_memberships, weak=False, sender=Membership, # Membership is cached
post_save.connect(clear_cached_memberships, weak=False, sender=Club, # Club has a cache of Membership
post_save.connect(clear_cached_memberships, weak=False, sender=Forum, # Forum has a cache of Membership
request_started.connect(clear_cached_groups, weak=False, dispatch_uid="clear_cached_groups")
request_started.connect(clear_cached_memberships, weak=False, dispatch_uid="clear_cached_memberships")
# TODO: there may be a need to add more cache clearing
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