Commit 98bf0955 authored by Bate's avatar Bate
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Correction requete sql ambigue dans galaxy

parent 191868a8
......@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ class galaxy
// b- Parrainage : n pt / relation parrain-fillot
$req = new requete($this->db, "SELECT id_utilisateur as u1, id_utilisateur_fillot as u2 ".
$req = new requete($this->db, "SELECT parrains.id_utilisateur as u1, id_utilisateur_fillot as u2 ".
"FROM `parrains` ".
"LEFT JOIN utilisateurs usr1 ON (parrains.id_utilisateur = usr1.id_utilisateur) ".
"LEFT JOIN utilisateurs usr2 ON (id_utilisateur_fillot = usr2.id_utilisateur) ".
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