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Pour mailer les pilotes potentiels

parent b765ab69
$topdir = "../";
require_once($topdir . "include/");
require_once ("../include/");
require_once ("../include/");
$req = new requete (new mysqlae(),
"SELECT utilisateurs.id_utilisateur,
CONCAT(nom_utl," ",prenom_utl) as nom,
FROM utilisateurs
INNER JOIN utl_extra on utilisateurs.id_utilisateur = utl_extra.id_utilisateur
WHERE (datediff(NOW(),date_naissance_utl))/365 >= '21'
AND ae_utl='1'
AND utbm_utl='1'
AND etudiant_utl='1'
AND permis_conduire_utl='1'
ORDER BY id_utilisateur");
while($res = $req->get_row())
echo $res['nom'] . " &lt;" . $res['email_utl'] . "&gt;<br />";
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