Commit ce78050a authored by Bate's avatar Bate

#25 F*cking natural join

parent 320c879b
......@@ -650,7 +650,10 @@ class uv extends stdentity
* retourne la liste des uvs et leurs infos
public static function get_list(&$db, $type=null, $dept=null){
$req = "SELECT * FROM `pedag_uv`";
$req = "SELECT `pedag_uv`.`id_uv` as id_uv, `pedag_uv`.`code` as code,
`pedag_uv`.`intitule` as intitule, `pedag_uv`.`type` as type,
`pedag_uv`.`responsable` as responsable,
`pedag_uv`.`semestre` as semestre FROM `pedag_uv`";
global $_DPT;
if(!is_null($dept) && array_key_exists($dept, $_DPT)){
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