Commit bd6073fa authored by pedrov's avatar pedrov
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copier / coller hein

parent e4318829
......@@ -108,14 +108,14 @@ if( isset($_REQUEST["action"]) )
$frm = new form("upload","update_user_utbm.php"."#upload",true,"POST","Changer mes photos persos");
$frm = new form("upload","update_user_utbm.php"."#upload",true,"POST","Envoi d'un fichier XML");
$frm->add_file_field ( "xmlfile", "Fichier" );
$frm = new form("frompath","update_user_utbm.php"."#frompath",true,"POST","Changer mes photos persos");
$frm = new form("frompath","update_user_utbm.php"."#frompath",true,"POST","Chargement du XML depuis un fichier sur le serveur");
$frm->add_text_field("path","Path : (ex : /tmp/truc.xml)");
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