Commit bc6b0de8 authored by mbriand's avatar mbriand

fix galaxy bug

parent 7b2a09ac
......@@ -596,7 +596,7 @@ class galaxy
"rx_star, ry_star, COALESCE(surnom_utbm, CONCAT(prenom_utl,' ',nom_utl), alias_utl) AS nom ".
"FROM galaxy_star ".
"INNER JOIN utilisateurs ON (utilisateurs.id_utilisateur=galaxy_star.id_star) ".
"INNER JOIN `utl_etu_utbm` ON (`utl_etu_utbm`.`id_utilisateur` = `utilisateurs`.`id_utilisateur`)".
"LEFT JOIN `utl_etu_utbm` ON (`utl_etu_utbm`.`id_utilisateur` = `utilisateurs`.`id_utilisateur`)".
"WHERE rx_star >= $x1 AND rx_star <= $x2 AND ry_star >= $y1 AND ry_star <= $y2" );
while ( $row = $req->get_row() )
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