Commit 9dbc0893 authored by mbriand's avatar mbriand
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Modification d'un lien

parent a3694451
......@@ -1178,8 +1178,8 @@ else
if ( !file_exists("/var/www/ae/www/ae2/var/img/matmatronch/" . $user->id .".identity.jpg"))
$cts->add_paragraph("<img src=\"".$topdir."images/actions/delete.png\"><b>ATTENTION</b>: " .
"<a href=\"user.php?page=edit&amp;id_utilisateur=".$user->id.
"&amp;open=photo#setphotos\">Photo d'identit&eacute; non pr&eacute;sente !</a>");
"<a href=\"user.php?see=photos&amp;page=edit&amp;id_utilisateur=".$user->id.
"\">Photo d'identit&eacute; non pr&eacute;sente !</a>");
$req = new requete($site->db, "SELECT `date_fin_cotis` FROM `ae_cotisations`
WHERE `id_utilisateur`='".$user->id."'
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