Commit 9297f92f authored by Ayolo's avatar Ayolo
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parent 9972181e
......@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ if ( $_REQUEST["action"] == "view" )
"INNER JOIN cpt_mise_en_vente ON `cpt_mise_en_vente`.`id_produit`=`cpt_produits`.`id_produit` " .
"INNER JOIN `cpt_debitfacture` ON `cpt_debitfacture`.`id_facture` =`cpt_vendu`.`id_facture` " .
"WHERE " .implode(" AND ",$conds).
"ORDER BY `ventes` DESC");
"ORDER BY `ventes` DESC GROUP BY `cpt_produits`.`id_produit`");
$tbl = new sqltable("products",
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