Commit 87d83ead authored by jlaval's avatar jlaval


parent d8d8a7ba
...@@ -33,10 +33,14 @@ require_once($topdir. 'include/entities/'); ...@@ -33,10 +33,14 @@ require_once($topdir. 'include/entities/');
$site = new site (); $site = new site ();
if (!$site->user->is_in_group('gestion_ae')) if (!$site->user->is_in_group('gestion_ae'))
$site->error_forbidden('services'); $site->error_forbidden('services');
$site->start_page ('services', 'Dernières cotisations'); $site->start_page ('services', 'Dernières cotisations');
$cts = new contents ("Dernières cotisations"); $cts = new contents ("Dernières cotisations");
$user = new utilisateur ($site->db); $user = new utilisateur ($site->db);
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