Commit 4755e62f authored by mbriand's avatar mbriand
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parent 1912fa1d
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ elseif ( $_REQUEST["action"] == "info")
$tbl->add_row(array("Convention de locaux requise",$salle->convention?"Oui":"Non"));
$tbl->add_row(array("Convention de locaux faite",$resa->convention?"Oui":"Non"));
$util_bar_txt = array(1=>"Non", 2=>"Oui", 3=>"BDF");
if ($resa->util_bar)
//if ($resa->util_bar)
$tbl->add_row(array("Utilisation du bar",$util_bar_txt[$resa->util_bar]));
if( $resa->date_accord )
$tbl->add_row(array("Accord","le ".date("d/m/Y H:i",$resa->date_accord)." par ".$userop->get_html_link()));
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