Commit 2f0eda1b authored by Ayolo's avatar Ayolo
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parent 23cd0cc6
......@@ -835,6 +835,12 @@ class site extends interfaceweb
$sublist->add("<a href=\"".$topdir."asso/index.php?id_asso=$id\">$nom</a>");
$cts->add($sublist,true, true, "assobox", "boxlist", true, true);
$sublist = new itemlist("Gestion assos/club","boxlist");
$sublist->add("<a href=\"".$topdir."rootplace/index.php\">Équipe informatique</a>");
$cts->add($sublist,true, true, "assobox", "boxlist", true, true);
$req = new requete($this->db,"SELECT id_comptoir,nom_cpt " .
"FROM cpt_comptoir " .
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