Commit 13a59cfb authored by Skia's avatar Skia

Amend: Add script to refresh taiste db

parent 00f2411c
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ if ( !$site->user->is_in_group("root") )
$site->start_page("none","Administration / passage en prod");
$cts = new contents("<a href=\"./\">Administration</a> / Passage en production");
$tabs = array(array("","rootplace/prod_cron.php","Passage en prod"),
array("","rootplace/prod_cron.php?view=refreshdb","Rafraichir taiste"),
array("refresh","rootplace/prod_cron.php?view=refreshdb","Rafraichir taiste"),
array("script","rootplace/prod_cron.php?view=script","Script de passage en prod"),
array("commit","rootplace/prod_cron.php?view=commit","Script de post commit"),
array("clone","rootplace/prod_cron.php?view=refreshdbscript","Script de refresh de taiste"));
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