Commit 0b99946c authored by Sarah's avatar Sarah

modif gmc et commentaire des lignes qui buguent. pwet.

parent bcde0df5
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ require_once("");
$GLOBALS["utbm_roles"] = array("etu"=>"Etudiant", "adm"=>"Personnel administratif", "ens"=>"Enseignant", "per"=>"Personnel", "doc"=>"Doctorant","srv"=>"Service");
$GLOBALS["utbm_departements"] = array("tc"=>"TC", "gi"=>"GI", "imap"=>"IMAP", "gesc"=>"GESC", "mc"=>"MC", "edim"=>"EDIM", "huma"=>"Humanités", "na"=>"N/A");
$GLOBALS["utbm_departements"] = array("tc"=>"TC", "gi"=>"GI", "imap"=>"IMAP", "gesc"=>"GESC", "gmc"=>"MC", "edim"=>"EDIM", "huma"=>"Humanités", "na"=>"N/A");
* Classe permetant la gestion d'un utilisateur
......@@ -759,9 +759,9 @@ class utilisateur extends stdentity
if ( empty($this->alias) )
$this->alias = null;
$cache = new cachedcontents("sig".$this->id);
new update($this->dbrw,
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