Commit 7922cb13 authored by Skia's avatar Skia
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Fix another convert bug

parent 77b3caed
......@@ -129,9 +129,9 @@ else if ( isset($_REQUEST["id_asso"]) )
$dest_icon = "/var/www/ae2/data/img/logos/".$asso->nom_unix.".icon.png";
$dest_full = "/var/www/ae2/data/img/logos/".$asso->nom_unix.".jpg";
exec(escapeshellcmd("/usr/share/php5/exec/convert $src -thumbnail 80x80 $dest_small"));
exec(escapeshellcmd("/usr/share/php5/exec/convert $src -resize 48x48 -size 48x48 xc:transparent +swap -gravity center -composite $dest_icon"));
exec(escapeshellcmd("/usr/share/php5/exec/convert $src -background white $dest_full"));
exec(escapeshellcmd("/usr/bin/convert $src -thumbnail 80x80 $dest_small"));
exec(escapeshellcmd("/usr/bin/convert $src -resize 48x48 -size 48x48 xc:transparent +swap -gravity center -composite $dest_icon"));
exec(escapeshellcmd("/usr/bin/convert $src -background white $dest_full"));
$ErreurLogo = "Erreur lors de l'upload";
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